Monday 21 August

Wake up late, which seems to be a bit of a habit on this holiday.

Sit having a coffee in bed, trying to decide where to go today.

I decide on Port du Foleaux for a nice lunch by the river.

Once again I decide to let my Zumo take me on a curvy route. It turns out to be a mix of roads I ride regularly and some new ones. Lots of nice twisties.

I arrive just after 12, perfect as there are plenty of free tables.

The set menu is always good value here and today is no exception.

Rough, country pate, followed by delightfully crispy yet moist chicken and a scrummy coconutty pudding.

This restaurant L’escale de Foleux, was one of those lucky finds a few years back, when I randomly turned down a small road as it was labelled “port”. I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area.

Great food, friendly service, in a a peaceful setting overlooking the river. What more could you ask for?

The temperature is rising so I’d planned to go the beach, but find I have only picked up the top half of my costume.. Doh! Its not meant to be, so I head home. Its too hot to go sightseeing.

I artive back in Caro, to find my normally sleepy road lined with cars. I assume its either a wedding or funeral – and when about hour ot two later the church bells ring dolefully I guess its the latter.

My afternoon is spent soaking up the sunshine whilst listening to a couple of chapters of “Me before you” downloaded from the library before I came away. So much easier to listen to a book than read it yourself when lying in the sunshine.

In the evening I watch this classic Brit film. One of many freebie dvds that have ended up over here

Sunday 20 August

This morning I visit Trehorenteuc craft market, which runs all day in July and August.

It is quite small, about 15 stalls, but with a good variety of crafts.

We are in the heart of Broceillande Forest here, so celtic magic and mystery is a reoccurring theme!

My friend Erin would have liked this stall, bizarrely called Mary Poppins, with its medieval costumes.

This potters’ wares were a lovely colour, but nowhere near the quality of my friend Sara’s work.

There was also a stall selling aromatherapy oils, all with the cutest magic themed labels.

Check out Facebook page Magiflore.

I chatted with the stallholder for quite a while- her English was impeccable.

I then rode to Paimpont, hoping to find somewhere for lunch.

The hotel where I usually eat was full, and the BBQ place my Mum and Dad recommend did not want to give one of their many empty tables to just one diner. Well stuff them- they won’t be getting my custom in the future either.

Instead I bought du pain and a pastry, then road home the long way round.

I then enjoyed a pleasant lunch in my garden, accompanied by my first bottle of red wine of the holiday.

Then it was time to relax in the sunshine, on my green lounger, headphones on, to listen to The Archers omnibus.

Such a rock n roll lifestyle…not!

Saturday 19 August Vannes

Saturday is market day in Vannes and it is heaving with people.

But it all seems to be the same old stalls selling the same old stuff.

There are a few new shops round near the Cathedral including a jewellers dufresne. A simple bangle in the window catches my eye…I just can’t resist going in.

The jeweller promises me the clasp will not come undone. I say that is good as I’m always losing jewellery. I try on about 4 of the bangles before getting the correct size- sold! Well that’s half my tax refund spent :0)

I ask if he is OK for me to take photos- of course he says. I explain that I write a blog of my trips.

So if you are ever in Vannes please do visit him and say bikerbunny sent you!

I am always fascinated by a craftsman’s tools. The bangle he is working on had taken 4 hours so far. He says it is in his heart to do this work.

It is now past twelve. I need to find somewhere to eat before the tables start to get full and the restauranters do not want to give up a table to une personne.

I decide to try somewhere new.

Not my usual style, as its all bio and healthy, but it is also chocolate!

The healthy, slightly unusual, goats cheese salad…

Followed by a less than healthy chocolate brownie.

I feel really sorry for the mother of this rather naughty little girl, sitting on the table next to me. She makes a real fuss over not just her main course but her chocolate pudding too. I have to laugh when she refuses to give the extremely yummy caramel sauce a try, raising my eyes in solidarity with the poor mum.

After lunch a walk in the Jardins du Ramparts. As usual there is a stunning display of flowers

I do have to have a little giggle to myself at this couple who have brought their own picnic table. Although I guess its a step up from sitting in the carpark like Brits so often do.

Stunning colours.

Unsuspecting tourists do not seem to have noticed the giant spiders web….watch out!

After my walk its back on the bike and a short ride to Sene, to the large charity warehouse Emmaus.

They have cleared so much stuff since Sara and I were here in June.

This time I also go in the clothes and haberdashery store.

I really wish I sewed or did crafting, some of the stuff is gorgeous and so cheap. Old buttons, linens and all this lovely thick crocheted lacework trimmings.

But I leave empty handed.

Next stop it’s the beach: Pointe du Bill.

I haven’t planned this perfectly as have to change in the car park trying to use my bike to hide my bits! Not that easy, but better here than in full view on the beach!

I’m not sure what it is about this spot, maybe it gas great acoustics, but theres a random man playing the sax, right next to the car park… Weird!

I may not be fully prepared with my cossie, but I am with my new beach shoes…the stones and seaweed won’t bother me now.

There are quote a few windsurfers out on the sea, as it’s pretty windy.

After my swim, I sunbathe for a while, before heading back to Caro, following a curvy route that takes me a new way home.

This shrine catches my eye.

It’s been an enjoyable day #lifeisgood

Monday 14 August

In the morning I head to SuperU in Ploermel to get my fridge stocked up for the holiday.

Then in the afternoon it’s back over to Ploermel for my 3 o clock appointment at the Police Station.

I sit watching the Gendarme type up his report, then have to sign both copies, one for me, one for them.

I take a detour on the way home to have a cuppa with Ken and Lesley at Mototaranis and to find out their plans for the Madone tomorrow.

Just as well I did, as seems it’s all change this year with only one entrance into the Blessing and the campsite is all set up within the town- all due to National Security.

In the evening I am invited to Martin and Jennifers for a meal.

I take a bottle of Cremant- the French equivalent of Prosecco – which had been recommended by a friend from UK.

Its very nice with “soft” bubbles.

We enjoy our aperitif outside in their quaint garden.

We go inside to eat.

The Greens have had their house up for sale for a year House details, but so far no takers.

I will be sad to see them go, they are good friends to have in the village, but their family want them to live closer.

Table decoration

It is dark by the time I leave.

The church tower has been renovated recently and has gone all hi tech with a changing light scheme.

Sunday 13 August

St Malo is such a pretty port to arrive in.

Unfortunately I do not have such a pretty sight when I arrive at my house in Caro.

Someone has tried to break in. The porch door had held well as they had tried in 25 places to lever it open!

Unfortunately they hadn’t given up and had managedto gain access elsewhere.

Fortunately it appears they were just looking for money, tipping out a couple of tins and drawers, but nothing too bad.

The TV, stereo and an old laptop were still there, as well as all the booze phew!

Somewhere in the depths of my brain I remember the word for thief, and in my best Franglais tell my neighbours who are in their garden. They are shocked.

I walk down to Martin and Jennifers’ house, English friends in the village, to tell them what has happened.

Martin speaks to my neighbour who lives opposite who calls the Gendarmes.

It seems the break in happened either Friday or Saturday night as my neighbour had mowed our lawn on Friday.

The Gendarme arrive within half an hour, pretty impressive as its Sunday and the start of a Bank Holiday.

They take fingerprints. The garage had also been broken into, but nothing appears to have been taken.

I thought that 50 euros left by my parents had been stolen, but having spoken to them on the phone I find it.

Ironically the thieves have missed the only money in the house.

The police leave, I have to report to the station at 3pm tomorrow.

I head into Maelstroit hoping the supermarket will still be open, but it closes at 12.30 I have just missed it.

The restaurants are all full, so I ride home via Guer to see if my friends Dave and Sally are over. They aren’t.

Luckily I’d had a large breakfast on the boat, so last out till later in the evening when I ride to Ploermel and get a Maccie D takeaway. The french burgers are so much nicer than ours.

Not the start to my holiday I had hoped for, but I am thankful as it could have all been so much worse, and Im glad it was me who found it and not my Mum and Dad.

Saturday 12 August: Ferry

One happy bunny as I’m on my to Brittany for two, maybe three weeks.

I reach the port in good time and unusually I’m sent to a lane to the left of where the cars are queued. But I’m not alone on my left are the larger people carriers.

Let the Loading Lottery begin…who will get on first?

Well certainly not me or the other bike who arrives behind me!

We are eventually motioned to board, on2ky to be sent to one of the upper floors.

Not fun to have to ride up a large metal ramp.

And even less fun when getting to the top they expect us to turn the bikes round in a car width and length space.

Now in normal circumstances this wouldn’t be too bad, but on a slippery metal floor with a fully loaded bike it is bloody difficult. I am furious. Why did they not board us earlier when there was plenty of room to manoeuvre?

We hardly had time to get off our bikes before they have loaded the cars on next to us.

Happy bunny is now hot and stressed bunny, made worse when I realise my cabin is down in tbe depths of level 2, and it gets worse when I exit the lift to be told the rooms are not ready. Grr.

Only one thing for it, I head to the Restaurant.

Phew there are tables available, but you can’t book.

So I take my table; a lovely one in the corner overlooking the whole restaurant; order my meal and a bottle of bubbles, then head off to the loos to change out of my bike gear.

Voila! From hot, sweaty, stressed biker bunny to a lady who dines in one fell swoop!

My, rather handsome, waiter does a double take when he returns to serve my bubbles, and calls me “Wonder Woman”, a compliment I’m happy to accept!

Dinner is as usual lovely. Buffet, help- yourself starter, cheese and desert and this rather delicious lamb dish for main.

After dinner I decide to give the boats entertainment a miss. Taking the remainder of my bubbles and water to my cabin.

A pleasant surprise in my cabin is that it has a tv. So I sit and watch the Athletics World Championship – cheering rather loudly when our boys win Gold for the 4 x 100m relay!

Considering I am, I think, below water level my cabin is comfortable and I manage a good night’s sleep.

Sunday 23 July Wessons & Seaford

First time out on the bike since my trip to France and subsequent back problems, so I am a little apprehensive, but all turns out ok.

The roads are still damp in places from last nights downpour, and more rain is forecast for later, but I aim to be home before the rain.

I head over to Wessons in Horam- one of my favourite shorter rides.

The big decision to be made as I ride over, is what will I order to eat?!

The thought of a Cheese and Ham toastie jumps into my head…Mmm, havent had one of those in ages so thats that sorted!

The cafe isnt as busy as I expected, and I manage to grab a seat outside at the front.

The guy who was behind me in the queue joins me on the table,and we are soon chatting. His big fat breakfast comes out before my order, Work that one out!

Two other bikers join us, Stewart and Tyrone and we continue the chat. One of the great things about a biker cafe- you get to talk to strangers who soon become friends!

Turns out they are both members of the local Top of Town facebook group too.

They are planning on going to Pyranees in September. I suggest they visit the Picos too. Check out my blog post of my trip there and you will see why I recommend it.

They ask where I’m headed and if I’d mind if they tagged on. Not a problem for me, although I explain Im only heading down to Seaford to visit Steve’s Dad, John.

Its a good ride down- My pace may have been a little slow for them, (a couple of times we are overtaken by other sportsbikes) but I’ve learnt to ride my own ride.

We say goodbye at Seaford as I head off to see John.

After a cuppa and a chat with John, who I think is looking really well (must be all those meals on wheels he’s having) it’s time to head home if I want to miss the rain.

A good blast back, stopping briefly at Chelwood Gate to buy some freesias from the nursery there.

I get home just as it starts raining…result!

Put my flowers in a vase

Crack open a beer, put TV on to watch BSB from Brands

And read the two freebie biking mags I’d picked up at Wessons.

And to finish the day off a little later I’ll be off to Beer Club down at The Old Mill to catch up with friends.

My favourite kind of a Sunday