Friday 29th July 2016

I wake up, and its still raining- well at least I won’t need to stop to put my waterproofs on!

It is about as grey and wet as it can get! But I decide to persevere with the route that I had planned in the hope that the weather will clear. It doesn’t for a good couple of hours!

It definitely feels like someone somewhere is trying to test my passion for motorbiking on this trip. There have been so many problems: difficulty getting my motorail ticket; Sue’s accident  and broken collar bone;the bike breaking down twice; rain. I actually haven’t had one day of riding where either the bike didn’t start or it didnt rain!

But even now riding along in the pouring rain, I’m still enjoying the actual riding and thats what its all about-the passion is still there.

Eventually the rain does stop , so i’m able to stop and take photo of this lovely old windmill Moulin de Déheries.



Just before arras, I have to stop again as I’m having problems with my contact lenses-big problems as I actually cant see anything! Luckily there is a layby and I pull over. my left eye lens falls back in place , but when I take out my right lense it has folded over and stuck to itself! Not good and as its very windy it is quite tricky to put a new one in, but I manage it.

I’m just sorting myself out when a car pulls in behind me and this lovely french guy , Paul,gets out. He has stopped to check I’m ok.


We stand and chat for a while-like us bikers do!- He has a Tiger 800 too and hopes to go touring on it. We swap phone numbers  and I tell him he is more than welcome to come and stsay with me if he ever makes it across to UK.  I also tell him about this blog-so Paul if you are reading this “Thank you for stopping”.

A little further on and I stop at Vis-en-Artois War Cemetry at Harcourt to pay my respects and give thanks to those who sacrificied their lives and are buried here.


As I walk through the rows and rows of white gravestones, tears fill my eyes- so many, so young and many only ‘known unto God’ – with the tune and words of  Green Fields of France ringing in my ears.


Stopping here definitely  puts all the problems I have had on this holiday into perspective. I am thankful for all my blessings and how lucky I am to even be able to come on holidays such as this.

Its getting near lunch time and I decide to head to Montreuil in search of a great French lunch.  There are lots of pretty houses in the Old Town.


And some that have seen better days!

I park my bike in the cobbled town square. I spot this menu which looks good, but have a wander round to see what else is on offer. Nothing else looks as good so I head back to this restaurent-sitting inside as it is quite chilly.

At last , the type of meal I have been waiting for!. The rillette are fishy, and Travers de Veau turns out to be ribs, which are delicious and sticky.And for pudding, well if you know me you’ll know I love a Cafe gourmand and this one didn’t disappoint.

Happily full its back on the bike.

I decide to abandon my curvy route and just get to Eurotunnel by the main motorway as quick as I can in the hope I can catch an earlier train.

Security has been stepped up because of recent incidents, so there are quite long queues.

But I’m soon through and manage to get on an earlier crossing. although not sure if I joined the right carriage as I’m put in with the tall vehicles!

I spot a notice saying you can now access Wifi whilst in the tunnel so take a selfie and post in onto Facebook whilst under the English Channel!

The journey back from Folkestone is uneventful and I’m home in just over an hour.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a record of my mileage for this trip because  all my trip logs were  reset by the garages, but its certainly not as many miles as I would have hoped!

I’m happy this holiday is over and even happier that I am lucky enough to have another one planned at the end of August. Watch this space!


Thursday 28 July 2016

My bags were all packed last night, ready to stow on the bike and today’s route is planned and hotel booked so I take a leisurely breakfast. The dining room is the busiest it’s been,  full of ladies on a coach trip.

I have left the GPS to plan the fastest route up to where the wigglies start.

This means motorway, boring but it does crunch through the miles…and Luxembourg! 

There is a long stretch of roadworks where the speed limit varies between 60 and 80 kms an hour. But it has now started raining, so when the roadworks end it means  I have a safe spot to pull over and put my waterproofs on. 

The rain continues. A shame because there’s some pleasant riding to be had  once  I clear the motorway.  But I am just happy to be on the road again.

I stop to swap gloves, there is a tempting brassiere on the corner, but I can’t face taking all my gear off so I continue on, with the rain eventually easing.

I’m in Belgium now and stop at this viewpoint to take some photos across the Forest of Ardennes.

My next quick photo stop is at Bouillon,  just before the wiggly bit of the route starts. Quite an impressive fort sits above the town.

And as you can see the sun has come out now, so even though the roads are wet I can enjoy the ride.

As I turn into Vresse, this impressive sculpture catches my eye. I stop to take a look, but as it is lunchtime everything is closed.

A little further on,  and more artworks and an artist sculpture.

I stop for what turns out to be the smallest glass of coke ever!

A dad at the cafe is trying to keep his twin 4 year old sons and a younger daughter out of mischief. I overhear him pointing out my bike to them.

So when I leave I say in my best French” Voulez les enfant assaye sur ma moto?” which probably is terrible grammar but he understands me, smiles and all 3 kids have a go at sitting in my bike whilst Mum takes a photo.

Perhaps a bikerbabe in the making?

The weather had cheered up now, so waterproof top comes off, but i decide to leave trousers on for now.

The route wiggles its way along the side of a river. Im not sure what this route is, some tourist thing, I’ll have to look it up later.

The road starts to go higher and I’m above an EDF dam.

Another unplanned stop at Roicroi,  when I investigate some raised groundwork.

I finally reach my destination.

I park up in a space close to the entrance, not realising until later that there is a covered area to park your bikes, but by then I can’t ve bothered to move it. 

This is a typical old style French hotel,  although it does have a bar and billiard room where you can enjoy an aperitif. 

The bedroom decor is not exactly my taste, but my Grandma Sheila would have loved it!

The restaurant doesn’t open until 7.15pm ,  I’m Starving so there on the dot!

Unfortunately the local specialities menu main course is rabbit, not my thing, so I go for the menu of the day.

I have to admit I found the meal disappointing, which is a shame as I love French food. 

The appetisers and starter were ok, the duck was not, and the pudding was straight from the freezer. the best course was the cheese. You can’t go wrong with cheese.

When I go to pay my bill for my room and meal Im  told by the owner that her husband, the chef, had paid for my kir, as he is a biker too.

I even manage to have a little conversation with her in my stilted french, about the Biker Blessing in Porcaro. 

As I fall asleep I hear the rain starting, please let it stop by the morning.

Wednesday 27 July 2016 Neunkirchen 

I enjoy another lovely breakfast on the sunshine on the terrace.

Today the eggs have messages on them wishing me Good Morning in a variety of languages.

I take my time over breakfast. There is nothing to rush for!

I grab another coffee and enjoy the sunshine whilst downloading magazines from WSCC library site using Zinio. Such a great free service..

I waste a couple of hours browsing magazines and looking for an audiobook to download.

Then head back up to my room to find my swimming stuff, as think I will try out the open air pool this afternoon. 

The phone rings, it’s reception.  The garage have phoned and my bike is fixed. What?!That’s a day early!

I go down to reception to confirm the message face to face. Yep, it’s fixed,  but they close at 2pm, do I want to go and collect it? You bet I do!

Hotel reception, as previously  are stars! They phone back garage to say I’ll be picking the bike up, they canx my room and refund me for Thursday night as not needed now and phone me a cab.

A quick change into bike gear and I’m off.

A different guy looks after me at the garage, seems actually he must be the manager or owner. He speaks very good English.

The problem was to do with the immobiliser and they have had to fit new key barrels,  so a totally new set of keys for me.

The work has been carried out under warranty, so good for me. But not so good for the garage as they can only recoup 4 hours labour and they have spent much more time than that.

I cannot thank them enough for all the time and effort they spent diagnosing the root of the problem, and getting it fixed  as quickly as possible so this solo lady rider could get on her way.

A big thumbs up to all at Triumph Neunkirchen.

It is a nervous moment for all of us when I turn the key, but it starts first time.

Back to the hotel, to look at my maps and Best Biking Roads ( a great site for inspiration and routes uploaded by fellow bikers all over the World).

A circular route planned and Im off! Boy does it feel good.

My GPS now decides to throw a wobbly and resets itself losing all my routes. Well, I’m glad it did it today when I am on a short route that I can remember.

But it’s a good reminder to ALWAYS have your basic route written down -a list of towns is enough- and carry a map. 

I stop at Sankt Wendel. It seems to be a popular motorbike stop, with quite a few bikes parked up.

I take a wander, past the churches and round some shops. I can’t resist buying a sparkly ring! My first frivolous purchase of the trip. Somewhat of a record for me!

Back to Neunkirchen, and I go back to Stumps Brauhaus for beer and to try the dumpling dish I’d seen on the menu yesterday.

The meal is accompanied by snatches of rock music as there appears to be a few bands doing sound checks for a gig in a nearby Hall.

Back to my hotel room to decide my route for tomorrow. This takes a while.

I feel so much happier now I know the bike is fixed. The feeling of trepidation and being scared and that I have had this whole trip had now gone.So I decide to take two days to get home and try to enjoy some stress free riding.

I’m looking forward to this stretch of road tomorrow. 

Routes plotted, Hotel and Eurotunnel booked, I can sleep soundly.

Tuesday 26 July 2016 Neunkirchen 

The sun is shining so I decide to join some other ladies who have decided to sit outside on the terrace to enjoy breakfast. 

There is a lovely suprise when I open the lid to the eggs, they all have smileys drawn on them!

It’s just what I need to brighten my morning.

I have been considering the options that I have over the next few days whilst the garage waits for the part and I wait to get my bike mended. 

I have checked with RAC and they will either pay £50 a night towards accommodation and a taxi to a new hotel or the cost of a hire car, but not the hotel costs.

The options I’ve thought about are:

  1. Catch a train to Frankfurt and catch a flight home, but flights are expensive and it’s a lot of hassle. 
  2. Rent a car and  drive a circular tour for 3 days. No, I’ve come to ride a bike and there are no circular routes that make sense
  3. Find another hotel to stay in the town as this one is full, a possibility 
  4. Find a Spa hotel and chill for a few days 

    Now that sounds like a plan! I do a web search and find one that looks perfect and reasonably priced.  I go to reception and ask if they will phone for me and see if they have a room. 

    The receptionist has just found out they do, when the hotel manager comes out to tell me that they now have a spare room in the Holiday Inn. I explain my plan to chill at a Spa, he looks at the hotel I have found and shakes his head…it is in a different Neunkirchen! 

    Why are there so many places with the same name in Germany?  I’d noticed this when searching on my GPS,  it’s very confusing! 

    I ask if there are any Spa hotels with a pool nearby.  He shows me a couple,  both about 30kms away, but they aren’t  really what I’m looking for. He apologies and says this is not really a good area  and I say actually it us you have a Triumph garage, which is what I really needed!

    So maybe now there’s a room available here I should just stay put. I ask the cost, it’s higher than I expected. I ask if I can pay with a mix of points and cash, but I have to do that online and he hasn’t released the room in order that I can have it if I want it. He says he can give me a small discount if I pay right now. 

    Sod it, I can’t deal with any more hassle,  this whole trip is turning out to be an expensive one, what’s a few more quid? I book.

    He arranges for housekeeping to service my room immediately. 

    He also says that they will call the garage and ask them to call the hotel when the bike is ready, and they will pass the message on.

    Once again,  it is so lovely that people go out of their way to help.

    Back up in my newly cleaned room I do a quick websearch on the area.

    Theres a Zoo, not really my thing but it’s a maybe.  There’s a big open air pool,  maybe a visit tomorrow as there’s thunderstorms forecast later. That does seem to be about it, except for a couple of parks!

    So I head off for my default activity after biking…yep shopping, or will download shopping in this case, I have very little space left on my bike!

    So here’s a selection of very random shots from my afternoon wander:

    Woolies lives on in Germany! No pick n mix, but everything else they sell pretty similar!

    Germany is definitely more liberal than UK. I doubt think you’d see calenders like this blatantly displayed in our bookshops! 

    On a postcard… Something has DEFINITELY been lost in translation!

    And these brightly coloured eggs I beleive are normal eggs, well at least they were sold right next to the normal eggs in the supermarket.

    If  you want Lederhosen, a Dirdnl, or the perfect push up bra to wear under your Dirndl then I know just the shop!

    I’ve had enough of window shopping now. And as the threatening grey skies have gone to be replaced by a hot sunny afternoon think it’s time to sit and enjoy an iced coffee in the square

    Followed by a cold beer

    I then go for a walk in the park, part of a development in progress on a 40 acre site which used to be the ironworks. 

    All that us left us the water tower, converter and blasting hall

    Along with sundry bits if equipment scattered round the rather overgrown park.

    There’s a lady sunbathing on this one!

    As I walk back I notice this sculpture that I’d missed previously.  I think it’s a war memorial of some sort.

    As I pass a local brewery bar, I decide to stop and eat, with an accompanying beer of course!

    Its Schnitzel Day, so  give the Schnitzel Bolognese a go.

    Amazing how you can fill a whole day doing nothing!


    Monday 25 July 2016 Allenbach to Neunkirchen

    RAC ring at 8.08am. The recovery truck will be here between 8 and 9am.

    Shit! Best get showered,  dressed and some brekkie down me as quickly as I can!

    But when I get down to restaurant I’m not feeling very hungry, in fact I feel quite sick. I hope this isn’t a bad omen.

    I finish up by 8.40am, and check out of my room. I then sit and wait in the garden cafe room.

    At 9.40 I’m still waiting. I call RAC, who say they will check and call back.

    9.45 they call back, there’s been a delay, really? They will arrive at 10am.

    I’m so pleased I rushed around to get ready as quickly as possible.Not!

    He arrives at 9.50 and loads the bike. Unfortunately he doesn’t speak any English.

    There’s not much room left for me in the cab, once I’ve put in all my bags!

    All aboard and ready for the drive to Neunkirchen.

    On the way I book a room at Holiday Inn Express with my IHG points, which are definitely coming in handy. The good thing is I can cancel the room up until 4pm. I’m hoping this will be the case,  but to be honest I’m not convinced. 

    We arrive just before 11, but don’t seem to be expected. I’m not sure if the breakdown company did contact them and they don’t seem to have got my email either.

    Anyway the bike is checked in,  and I take a seat, little knowing this is where I’ll be for the next 5.5 hours!

    The owner tries to keep me informed at various stages throughout the time I’m there and asks questions about what happened etc. My German is almost non- existent and his English is limited, but we seem to get through with a little sign language and the help of Google Translate.

    He comes out and tells me it started first time. WTF! No way! I’d tried it this morning too and nothing.

    He says they will look at it, to find out why.

    Their website says they close for lunch from 1 to 2pm, but the owner comes over and says it’s ok for me to stay and did I want food? but I’m not hungry.

    He says they are  ” looking” at the bike,  that they have taken it for a ride, and are now going to leave it in the hot sunshine for an hour and then monitor it.

    At 2.35, I get a call from the RAC. The garage have told them they think it’s a fuel pump problem. But that they need it to go wrong so that they can check it.

    I amuse myself with some more phone camera fun.

    At 3pm the owner asks if I have the other key. I don’t because I wouldn’t know where to stash it safely.

    He seems to be saying it’s the key not talking properly to the bike. 

    Then a little later that it’s the bit below the key. They put the key in the ignition to take a reading, it’s ok. They take it out and put it in again, take a reading, it’s not ok.

    Typing into Google Translate I ask if it’s fixable and he types this answer

    I ask if it will be fixed by 6pm when they close, he says he hopes so.

    I explain I have booked a hotel for the night as it is too late to ride anywhere now. But that if the bike is fixed tonight I want to have it at the hotel so that I can leave early in the morning.

    He nods, then says that they will take me to the hotel now, and if they fix it they will call me to come and  pick up the bike . If not then will call me in the morning.

    So at 4.30 I check into Holiday Inn, but I can’t really do much until 6pm just in case I need to go back. But my room is a vast improvement on a chair in a salesroom.

    At 17.57 I get a text from RAC saying

    “the garage will call you shortly to explain in details the problem with the key. The problem is from the anti-theft device”

    I do a bit of a Google search and on the  Tiger 800 forum a couple of people have had similar problems     ( wish I’d thought to look there before!)  

    “Could also be that the key is not being read by the immobiliser?If key authentication fails, the fuel pump won’t prime, hence the lack of normal system noises. However, the alarm light usually comes on if the key isn’t recognised. I’m pretty sure that Dealertool can’t read the immobiliser error codes so nothing will show up. Once the immobiliser & ECU are awake, key checking messages are the first few communications that take place and can be monitored by reading the CAN bus, but sadly not with any standard available kit that I know of. It can be read using the Dealertool lead but it needs different terminal software to monitor the CAN bus.”

    Most of that means nothing to me, except I don’t get the normal system noises, but an alarm light doesn’t come on either, but it does sound like this might be the problem. 

    I just hope they can fix it.

    So nothing more is going to happen tonight, so I go for a therapeutic windowshop wander round a local shopping centre, that doesn’t close until 8pm.

    Then it’s to a restaurant for an al fresco statutory beer

    and I can’t resist choosing a  Spud dish from the menu.

    Although I’m slightly disappointed that it’s a bog standard jacket potato and not a local dish.

    As it’s been such a rubbish day I decide to treat myself to vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.


    As I head back to the hotel I spot a new sign for my collection. 

    At the hotel the receptionist says that the man from the garage popped in with a message, and that they have found the problem and ordered the part but it may take 3 days to get here.

    That is not what I wanted to hear.

    I ask if they have rooms available tomorrow,  but she says unfortunately not, but that I may be lucky and one will turn up.

    I laugh and say, no, I’m not lucky  at the moment.

    I turn to the bar to order the free drink, that I get being  an IHG club member and maybe I am lucky after all as, surprisingly,  I spy a bottle of my favorite, 43. One of those on the rocks will do nicely, thank you.

    Sunday 25 July 2016 Allenbach 

    Some of you will have noticed that there is no “To” in the title of this post.

    That is because, having packed all my gear onto the bike,  I go to start it and there is nothing. Bugger!

    It is exactly the same problem as before, but this time the bike had been sitting overnight so it can’t be due to overheating.

    I wait the statutory FFS 15 minutes. Nothing.

    I wait another 15 FFS minutes. Nothing.

    Then another.                            Nothing.

    Whilst waiting I look up how far it is to Calais-5.5 hours, fastest route- as if it does start, sod the scenic route Id planned,that’s where I’m headed, home. I’ve had enough. 

    But in my heart, I know it’s not going to start.

    I look up the nearest Triumph dealer. Triumph Neunkirchen is 28 miles away, although it will take nearly an hour according to Google. But at least it’s do-able.

    Next, check to see if the hotel has a room for the night. It does. I explain my bike is kaput! 

    The guy on reception says there is a car  mechanic next door who has a battery charger and goes to get him.

    I know it’s not the battery,  but no harm in checking. 

    I use the Google Translate App on my phone to type in the problem and get it instantly translated to show him. Who needs a Babelfish?!

    Next stop is to call the RAC. I explain the situation,that it is a repeat problem, that there is a Triumph garage 30 miles away, closed till Monday, that only they will have  equipment to diagnose the issue. 

    I’m happy to pay my hotel tonight, if they can transport my vehicle there tomorrow. 

    The lady I’m talking too seems to get it! But my policy only covers one breakdown per trip! But as it is the same problem it should be ok. They would normally return vehicle to sane garage, but as that’s in Austria she can’t see an issue.

    She promises to check and call me back.  She does.  It’s ok.

    But the “correspondent” has to call the dealer in the morning to check they will accept the bike,  so it won’t be getting there for 9am as I hoped.

    I push to know when they will call me in the morning,  explaining I had been let down previously, but she won’t commit to a time, just that they will call me. I insist that I expect a call by 10am and we leave it at that.

    Now it may sound like I was really calm about this, but I wasn’t.  My mind is racing about what to do, and I am close to tears. In fact I have to go to the hotel loo and have a bit of a boo, before I can call the RAC. 

    I check back into the hotel, getting the same room. 

    I sit on my balcony for a while, then at 1pm go down for lunch and a beer. I’m not really hungry but it’s something to do.

    I go for the Carpaccio,  it’s meant to be a starter but more than big enough.

    I order a second beer and go up to my room and have a nice long chat with Mands on the phone. 

    I’m feeling really down about this whole thing, so decide to take an hours nap.

    When I wake up the weather has changed, it’s warm and sunny now. I see from Google maps there is a lake nearby so decide to go for a walk. 

    It’s a pretty lake, and I sit on a bench,basking in the sunshine and counting my blessings to try and pull myself out of the blues .

    It seems to work.

    I wander round the lake taking photos of the flowers and stuff.

    When I get round to the other side of the lake there is a really cool lounging chair.

    I lounge on this, practising selfies  using the timer function

    And playing with the various editing options on my phone.

    A simple dandelion. 4 ways

    No Filter 

    Black and white



    Which do you prefer?

    By now it nearly 8pm,  so I head back to the hotel for dinner,  a delicious Schnitzel, before retiring to my room to listen to The Archers Omnibus with a glass of wine.

    Lets hope it’s good news tomorrow. 

    Saturday 23 July 2016 Gammertingen to Allenbach

    Awake at 6am, so lucky I have my kettle so I can make a cuppa   as breakfast doesn’t start till 8am. But I have plenty of route planning to keep me busy.

    As I checkout I notice the hotel’s Motorbike Route Map and ask if I can have one.

    Back up in my room, I decide to replot the first part of today’s route using the map, might as well make use of local knowledge,  apparently the chef is a biker!

    Today’s route

    The route to start is through rolling countryside interspersed with pretty villages 

    Then it’s into lovely wooded section with no other cars, and the smell of pine in your nose.

    I finally stop to take a photo.

    My next photo is taken in Seewald and is a weird one, and yes I left the bike running at the side of the road. A bit of guerrilla knitting. 

    Or if anyone can translate?

    Heading towards Baden-Baden my route is blocked by roadworks and with no diversion signs I just have to take the left turn and hope I can get back on track. As for some reason at this point my GPS doesn’t ask if I want to recalculate!

    I spot this lake and pullover next to 4 German bikers who all nod hello, but look at me weirdly when I leave the bike running to take this photo.

    I’ve been here before, years ago with Steve. I’m sure I’ve got a copy of a very similar photo somewhere! 

    Checking my GPS I can get to BB this way, and as luck will have it, on an amazing bit of road, the 500, which winds its way down the hillside.

    As I enter Baden Baden, I stop to get petrol and some water.  I also ask to use their facilities.

    Never seen this before,a shelf for your lid, guess you can tell they get a lot of  bikers round here. Simple but effective. 

    My bike is getting predictable in its upredictabilty and doesn’t start. So once again,  I push it out of the way of the pump, and wait the FFS 15 minutes. Making good use of the time by taking off my waterproofs as starting to get warm now.

    Once I get it started, I decide to crack on with Part 2 of my route, the aim being try and get to Trier or up towards that way. 

    So the first bit of the route is motorway,  but that’s fine as it’s munching the miles. 

    I cross over into France,  and then about 10 minutes later back into Germany, which gets me thinking how weird it must be to live right on the border.

    As I exit Wissembourg, it starts to rain. I stop, put on my waterproof trousers, but then the sun comes out, before I put my top on Grrr.

    It’s another lovely road and Im starting to get into the zone.

    Then I’m meant to make a right turn to go onto 10, but the blocked. I’m not quite sure where to go. I pull into a garage to turn round and spot they.have a loo. Perfect, I’d been busting to go for a while! Back through town, bit this doesn’t feel right, do I turn around again, and see from my GPS that a road off to the right looks like it goes to 10. It does, so why don’t they signpost ot as a diversion.  Grrr. 

    A short blast along 10.

    Then I’m on 48  WOW!  What a road! I am fully in the zone now! 😀 Beautifully tarmaced,  twistie after twistie, through the forest. And not a car in front of me. In fact the only traffic, is one much faster rider who overtakes me and disappears into the distance.

    This is Biker Heaven. Even the rain holds off for me. 

    I don’t want to forget this road, so force myself to stop and take a photo of the road sign so I can find it again!

    But all good things come to an end and I’m soon in the city of Kaisetlautern, trying to decide if I need to get a hotel as it’s raining again.

    But it’s quite early,  and the rain stops, so I push on.

    Once again I’m on the motorway, once again the heavens open. Soon, but not soon enough there are some roadworks so I can pull off to the side of the road and put my waterproofs top on. It is seriously chucking it down. 

    Suddenly there are brake lights ahead, and a small queue of cars   A large part of a bumper or tyre is blocking the fast lane, with two cars, one well and truly broken  to the side. Not sure what happened, but luckily it looks like no-one is hurt.

    I turn off the motorway,  time to find a hotel as this rain isn’t stopping. 

    You have to love, and it’s well worth £3 to access data.

    A nice modern looking hotel,Hotel Steuer €60 euros for a double room for single use with a balcony, sorted. It’s booked and only 10 minutes away.

    Its the first time I’ve stayed in a room with a Gemstone display in it, but turns out I’m on the Edelsteinstrasse – the Gem road

    About an hour later and the sun comes out, so I sit on my balcony and enjoy a nice glass of vodka and coke from my stock.

     I’ve learnt well from my Silver lining American biker friends- always carry booze and nibbles – I added the kettle!

    I may have got wet today, but the riding has been great. That stretch, the 48 is officially on my list of Favourite Biking Roads.👍