Friday 15 July 2016 Trieben

One of my” things” is that I do like a hot drink when I wake up, coffee or tea it doesn’t matter, but I’m not awake until some caffeine has gone down my throat. So even though I try to travel as  light as I can on my bike, my one luxury item is this travel kettle I picked up in a charity shop a few years ago. It is a great design, two cups slide on either end, there’s a coffee filter if you want real coffee, and room inside to transport my sachets of expresso coffee and coffee mate. Perfect!

We go down to breakfast. I do like the Austrian/ German style of breakfast, it’s definitely the meal that they do better than the French!  Coffee,tea or hot chocolate, juice,yoghurt,cheese ham,salami,hard-boiled eggs and fresh bread rolls. Yummy. We won’t be needing lunch today!

After breakfast, we walk to one of the local shops where Sue has spotted a giant wheelie suitcase to purchas.  A plan ( we both like plans) has been decided to get Sue home with the least hassle. Its not a cheap plan, but no-one can ever accuse us of being cheap! 

So what’s the plan?

Well, our lovely hotel owner has sorted a taxi to pick Sue up at 4am Saturday,  driving her to the airport, along with her mega wheelie case. The size of the case means she can take home all her stuff…normal clothes, toiletries etc, but more importantly the expensive bike kit , in one case.

At the airport Sue has reluctantly, but realistically, arranged for wheelchair assistance. Sometimes it helps to have a friend who isn’t scared to say it how it is 😉

She then flys business class home, with one transfer. Sorted!

Back at the hotel I pack  the case, and the few unimportant bike bits are put in the panniers, and we walk up to the recovery storage place,  about 5 minutes away.

We pass the town hall on our way.

Sue pays the owner for the bike storage charge due until next week,( including a discount for cash 😁) when transport is arriving to take the bike back to Ireland. Ireland being where Sue normally stores it and where it is registered.  This gives Sue a choice in the future on whether to return back to Europe to ride or to sell the bike on.

A photo for posterity of Sue and her bike, both battered and bruised, but ultimately ok!

We head back to the hotel, for another chilled afternoon of girlie chat, as ever accompanied by red wine!

At this stage I’d like to put a big shout out for our hotel Triebenerhof and it’s owners.

If you are ever looking for somewhere to stay in the area check them out.

From the outside it looks like a traditional style hotel, but the rooms in the annexe where we stayed are clean and modern with  large single beds. The wifi is free and a strong signal. And at 55 euros a night for a single,  well worth the money.

The restaurant had smoking and Mon smoking rooms and the food was good and reasonably priced, especially for the size of the portions.

But an even better reason than all of the above to stay there is how kind and helpful they were to Sue,  after her accident. They could not have done more to help her ( or me).

Five star service, and that goes for the ambulance service too,who went above and beyond, for a stranger in need.

Not only did they do their job taking Sue to hospital after her accident, but they took all her luggage off her bike,  arranged for the bike to be recovered, waited  for Sue to finish at hospital and then found her a hotel to stay, and finally transported her and her luggage to her room in the hotel.

We head off to bed fairly early, having first said our Goodbyes, although my plan is to get up to see Sue off at 4am


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