Tuesday 23 August Grinny to Portsmouth, Brittany Ferries

Roger and I are off on a two week trip to Spain and France. 

Loppy will be travelling with me as usual and Roger has a new companion,  Monkey, who he rescued from the roadside a couple of months back. 

We time our trip down to Portsmouth,to catch the ferry to Santander, perfectly,driving straight to check in,  straight to dockside and then only a short wait before we get on board.

There are two other bikes waiting with us, and for once the girls outnumber the boys as both bikes are being ridden by ladies.

We ride down into the depths of the boat, where the bikes are being parked at the front and back of camper vans and caravans. 

The straps to tie down the bike are as usual put over the seat of the bike on top of cushions,  but are attached to a wire that runs horizontally to the floor.

Happy the bike is secure, I decide not to leave my lid on the bike just in case it gets a little rough.

We catch the lift up to floor 8 where our cabin is remarkably easy to find, and as an added bonus is on the same level and quite near to the bar, Result!

A quick shower then it’s to the bar for that all important first beer!

The holiday has officially started!

The entertainment provided is a mixed bunch: a young,black,soul singer who I feel quite sorry for as the attentative members of his audience have an age ranging from 3 to 7!; then there a charades competition; bingo; a better than average Magician, whose naff jokes actually make me laugh ( although maybe that’s the beer!) and finally Sister Twist, four female singers covering Beatles songs -personally I would have preferred Twisted Sister!

At the end of the night, as we wobble,wobble back to our cabin, we are doubly happy that it is on the same floor as the bar!


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