Friday 26 August 2016 Day #4  To Benalmendena 

We collect our bikes from the secure garaging and load them up outside the Hostel. 

Back onto  N502, and a great biking road. 

What a fab way to start a days riding.

We stop in Almaden for a coffee. As we plan to stop for a proper lunch today, it doesn’t matter that the bar  doesn’t seem to do breakfast.  

The style of houses we ride past changes from orange mostly tatty old houses to whitewashed walls.

As does the scenery, which is much more barren here.

We join the N432, which gets a bit boring, but I’ve spotted some interesting wigglies on the map so make a last minute decision to turn off into C3408. 

A fab little road, tight twisties and a view out across Cordoba, which I find reminds me of the road above LA, that I did with Tyler a few years ago.

We stop for lunch in Cordoba.

Its ok. But not a good as I hoped. 

The “soup” is made with bread and lashings garlic.

After Cordoba, we blast down the motorway for quite a long stretch.

Thought it’s quite odd to see this sign at the motorway service station.

We turn of at Antequerra to pick up a lovely looking twistie section of road.

But that isn’t as easy as it sounds as there are roadworks on the turning we need to go on. 

I have to turn left up a steep cobbled Street but no bloody diversion signs when we got to the top. So round and round in circles, on cobble stones   getting more and more stressed.

So I head out of town, stop on a horizontal flat surface to try and sort out where we can go.

Roger spots that from this road there is actually a diversion sign so we follow that. Result!, wr are on the right road.

The view back over the town is stunning,  white houses scattered on the hillside and a fortress above the town, but I’m too wound up to stop.

But more stress is about to come as the first bit of this road is super windy,  and one of my pet biking hates after cobblestones is gusts of winds, especially when they take the bike. 

I am not a happy bunny :0(

If I’d been on my own I probably would have turned round and gone back on the motorway. But as it was I persevered, the downside being that even once the wind stopped I’d lost my mojo a bit and found it hard to get into my rhythm,

But luckily  eventually I did,when the roads were as good as this.

Where’s Roger?

Back on the main roads and we are soon at Dickie and Debs, with the bikes parked, 

And it’s time for that all important first beer!

Time for a swim

Before we go out for a chinese 


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