Tuesday 13 Sept 2016 Bexhill

Its forecast to be the hottest September day on record today, so seems rude not to go for a ride.

I decide to take my top box off the bike as I wont be needing any waterproof gear today.

Before I leave I add stickers for the two lady rider Facebook groups I belong to onto the front of my windscreen

I start off the ride not really knowing where I’m going to ride to-all I know is it will be the seaside!.

I head out towards Eastbourne, but then decide to go via Herstmonceaux. Then a last minute decision to turn right down Wartling road, which turns out after a while to be a very nice little biking road( despite a couple of large potholes) brings me out onto the A259 and the Pevensey roundabout

But rather than go to Pevensey I  decide to take the turning before signposted to Normans Bay, as I’ve never gone down that road before.

There’s quite a few people on the beach, even though the kids are now back at school.

I ride onto Bexhill and decide to park and  take a wander round the many charity and junk shops-it a great place to go if you are looking for a bargain!

Just Love it  has Retro Vintage 60/70 furniture and houseware

Starlings had some lovely stuff, all made by local artists. I was tempted by a beautiful, but expensive, silver bangle but managed to resist, so treated myself to this funky purple perspex keyring for £4, which goes so well with my blingy sequinned bag.

By the time I’d been round the shops it was too late for lunch, so instead I bought a delicious pistachio and salt caramel ice cream cone, which I had to eat very quickly as it was melting in the heat.

I took a  wander down onto the sea front, where I could have had a nice cuppa tea, but it was a little too soon after my ice cream cone.

King George V Colonnade,

There’s a couple of lovely little shops here too.

One called Unit4Plus 2 ( find them on Facebook)  had some great stuff.

Including this fab lamp made by Chrome Pig, which I was VERY tempted by, but once again managed to resist. ( But I may be back!)

I opt for the faster route back, up the Polegate by pass and A22.

By the time I get home I’m starving, so quickly put a Shephersd Pie in the oven, which I enjoy in my new-look  garden with some bubbles, catching the last of the sunshine.

I have to admit, on days like today, its lovely not working, but the job hunting will start again tomorrow.