Thursday 27 October

I’ll use any excuse to go for a ride, so when I have to go and meet a Recruitment Consultant in Crawley I decide to go on the bike. Who knows maybe it will make me a little more memorable when new roles come in!

My meeting finishes by 3.30, and the sun is shining so why not take the long route home?

I have no idea what route I’m going to take, but start of heading south on A23.

I then turn off onto the B2215 and just follow signposts to whatever village name takes my fancy!

As I past through Plumpton it feels like the right time to start heading home, so with my GPS set to curvy route I hit the Go Home button.

The first turning it tells me to take is  left onto Allington Lane…hmm looks a little narrow but I go for it.

It turns into proper Tiger country, including grass growing in the middle of the road!

It also looks like perhaps this route is liable to flooding. Well that’s the only reason I can think of for this giant ruler at the side of the road. Strange as there does not appear to be any large rivers nearby.

Unfortunately my tracking app Rever, paused when I stopped to take the photos and didn’t automatically start again.( note to self to check in future)

But I ended up returning home on roads I know well via Lindfied, Ardingly and Turners Hill.

What a pleasant way to spend a sunny autumn afternoon and all the better for being unplanned.




Saturday 22 October 2016 Worlds End and back via Winchester

Another beautiful day and it seems a shame to waste it indoors, so I decide to go for a ride.

I went to the seaside earlier this week, so decide to take this opportunity for probably the last ride of the season on the A272 to Winchester.

As the end of this week also marks the 10th anniversary of Steve’s accident, it also seems an apt place to go.

I can use my tickets, purchased earlier this year when  I took  my friend Sara, to go and visit the Cathedral and in particular the Antony Gormley statue Sounds II that we both loved.

Well that was the cunning plan!

But like all cunning plans, it was not to be. As I got close to the Cathedral there were lots of people milling around. Turns out some “name ” is getting married this afternoon, so there is no access for a while.

Its to chilly to hang around, so I decide to pass for today.

Parked up near the Cathedral is this stunning looking bike. Not my sort of thing, but stunning all the same.

It has very apt paintwork!

The roads have been perfect for riding on today-totally dry, which makes a change and with my heated jacket and grips I’m not really feeling the chill so decide to look for an alternative route home.

I get out my map and spot my via point for the route home..

Yep, I went to Worlds End and back today!

And it would have been very easy to miss it. There really wasn’t anything there-although when I get home I find it has one of the UK’s oldest post boxes!


I’d  also plugged in Shoreham as a via point, but once Igot to Emsworth I decide just to head home via whatever curvy roue my Garmin decided to send me on.

It did good , bringing me up on the A285, a lovely bit of road and then from Petworth back onto the A272 when I had a perfectly clear road through the twisty wooded section . Heaven! I was in the zone!

Below are the screen prints from Rever of my routes.

A272 this morning-probably my favourite local road,  and a little more variation this afternoon.

So despite a small set back it has been a pretty good day.

I’ve had the only HRT I need , Have a Ride Therapy!

I’ve been to Worlds End and back ,

ridden 160 miles ,

with 4.5 hours actual riding time although I’ve been out  nearly all day!

And home bfore it got dark.




Monday 17 October Newhaven

I use an app , recommended by a biking friend, called Rever for the first time today.

You can use the app to plan your route but I just want to use it to track my route, which it does pretty well, once I realise I need to turn the auto pause feature  on!

It not only tracks your route but also also your top speed, average speed and time taken, plus the altitude of your rides.

You can save the routes , so you can follow hem again, and you can share directly from the app to social media, but I’d prefer for my top speed not to be out there! So I’ll be showing you screen prints from my phone!

Its a beautiful, crisp October day , but I’ve been feeling a bit blue, so what better way to feel better than a ride to the seaside.

Yes, its Newhaven , and its pebbly beach, but still a good place to sit and eat my packed lunch and chill out!

I don’t know why sitting near the sea and watching and listening to the waves has such a calming effect, but it does.

My friend Sue, says the vastness of the ocean makes her realise how insignificant she and her problems are, but I never think of that. All I know is it works.!

Sitting here at Newhaven, the sound of the pebbles as they  are pulled back into the water by the receding waves  I am reminded of Jean Michel Jarre’s  Oxygene II.

This was one of the first  two albums( on cassette) that I ever bought- the other was Hotel California-which I think has stood the test of time better!

I am always on a quest for the”perfect” wave photo and there’s absolutely no reason why the English Channel cant be the place for me to find it.

I love these 3 photos but I don’t think any of them are the “one”

I follow the GPS curvy route on the way home, which takes me a slightly different way to my normal route. I come up and over Ashdown Forest, so stop to take a couple of snaps of the Autumn leaves

“I wandered lonely as a cloud”…

…I do wander on the bike, and often I’m riding solo, but I have to admit its rare that I feel lonely ( except when I have mechanical failures), mainly I just feel at peace with the world and myself.

Saturday 15 October. Tuedely

Today I decided to ride to visit a church near Tonbridge, that  two  friends ave told me has amazing Stained Glass windows.

I cant remember its name, but after a little bit of web research, I find it. All Sain’t Church in Tudeley.

I set my GPS for curvy route ,type in Tudeley and head off.

I have to make a slight detour when one of the small country roads the GPS wants to send me down is closed, but reach it quite easily.

There is a big gravel car park. I don’t like gravel! so park at the side of the private road leading to the church!

All Saints Church , Tudeley

I have  picked a perfect day to visit. The sun is shining brightly and there is only one other couple visiting the church so plenty of opportunity to take photos.

The windows are amazing, Such rich colour.

The windows are designed by Marc Chagall, who has also designed windows for Metz , Reims and other Cathedrals, But this is the only church in the world that has all its windows designed by him.


In 1963 the daughter of Sir Henry and Lady D’Avigdor-Goldsmid dies in a sailing accident near Rye, East Sussex. The commissioned March Chagall to design a stained glass window in her memory.

When Chagall arrived for the dedication of the east window in 1967 he exclaimed “C’est magnifique! Je les ferai tous” ( Its magnificent! I will do them all!

Over the next ten years he designed a further eleven windows made in collaboration with Charles Marq in his workshop in Reims France.

If you are in the area, I recommend that you go visit these to see how wonderful they are for yourself.