Sunday 19 February First ride of 2017

At last , a reasonably warm and dry Sunday means I can finally go for a ride, on my nice shiny clean Tiger.

Do you like my new sticker

” The Grandma” in Rossi colours, bought yesterday from the bike show ( thanks Christine)


But where to go ?  as I have to be home by lunchtime for my Grandson’s birthday party.

I decide to head down to Newhaven, a  favourite  route.

Then round the curves to Seaford before heading North through Alfriston.

The level crossing at Berwick is down, with a couple of cars and a motorbike waiting ahead.

The bike is  a sporty one ridden by a youngster who does not acknowledge me behind him .

He overtakes the two vehicles in front, and is very lucky not to get squidged by a car coming round a blind corner.

Less haste more speed ,as I catch him up quickly. So tempting to overtake him, but I resist!

At the main road, I decide I have enough time for a visit to Wessons.

As I expected on the first really nice Sunday so far this year it is packed.

The queue is very long. I think the young lad serving is a newbie.

I was contemplating having brunch here, but with this many people my guess is it will take a while, so opt for a cuppa and a piece of bread pudding.

I sit outside at the front, and soon get chatting to the two blokes sitting opposite me, one of whom  owns this rather beautiful Moto Guzzi.

I get back home about 12.30 feeling so much better for getting some Ride Therapy.


MCN Excel Show 18 Feb 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Motorbike Show, so when I met up recently  with some other lady riders from the Facebook group Motorbike Women who were going I cheekily asked if I could join them…and they said Yes!

We met up at London Bridge Station, then after a quick tube to Greenwhich we took a “flight ” on the Emirate’s cable car.

Top tip : Normal single flight is £10 per person, but show your ticket to an Excel exhibition and you can get a return flight for £5! Bargain!

Meet my new friends!

Its a pleasant ride and not at all scarey, even if you don’t like heights.

And you get to see the Anthony Gormley statue from a unique angle!

time for a posed group photo before we head into the arena.

Here’s a few photos of the bikes and stuff that caught my eye.

Studded snow tyres on a Triumph Tiger.

Although lots of shopping stalls ,nothing really caught my eye, so my purse remained closed!

The one bike I wanted to sit on , the new Street Triple was mobbed, and I couldn’t be bothered to wait!

Managed to catch the last heats of Slide, which was taking place in the middle of the arena- must be one of the smallest bike tracks ever!

We timed our journey back across the Thames perfectly, catching the beautiful orange and pink sunset hues.

The day was finished off with beer and  meat skewers sitting outside ( Yep in February!!) at Borough Market.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with everyone next time on the bikes!