Wednesday 24 May: Day 2 : Junk finds and the beach

I spend the morning pottering round the house- trying to sort out the patio door nets so the blasted French flies don’t get in the house; sorting out my clothes that are left here, getting rid of the items that I really won’t ever wear again; and editing the book collection getting it down to those that I want to read.

Sara eventually returns from her market scouting trip – her gps led her a merry dance. We have some lunch and then, having emptied her van of all her pottery and stall equipment we head off on a shopping expedition.

It seems rude not to make use of her van whilst she is here ;0),  so we are going to Emmaus, to try and find a vintage wardrobe for my bedroom.

Emmaus is like a charity shop but on a warehouse scale. They have almost everything, excluding clothes.

Here are some of the more unusual items I spot as we wander round.

Unfortunately all the wardrobes are too large, typical when I have the means to transport one home.

On our way out we spot a couple of gorgeous upholstered chairs and I can’t resist buying one, at 40 euros it’s a bargain, and once covered in a material more to my taste it will look stunning.

Sara seems to have other plans in her head as we pack it in her van…Fifty Shades springs to mind! 

Next stop, the supermarket, to buy picnic food to have on the beach. And another opportunity for me to utilise Sara’s van by stocking up on heavy essentials such a wine and water!

Fully stocked, we drive South past Séné, to Pointe du Bill…What a great little spot.

I imagine in the height if summer it is a nightmare to get to, as the road is narrow, winding it’s way through a village, but this evening it’s not a problem.

Tomorrow is a holiday in France, Ascension, so I’m guessing there’s more than the usual number of people on the beach for a Wednesday evening in May, although it’s not in anyway crowded. 

The sea is as calm as anything and so inviting… 

…and surprisingly once we are fully in the water it isnt too chilly either.

We swim and float, and float and swim.

It is a little bit of heaven.

I can’t believe that in 13 years of owning my #littlehouseinfrance this is my first trip to the beach! It certainly isn’t going to be the last- we are already planning where to go tomorrow! 

The worst bit is getting  out and having to navigate our way over the underwater pebbles – I think some beach shoes need to be purchased!

It’s now gone 8pm and the temperature is still 25c. 

We happily sit and eat our picnic whilst drying out.

The one thing missing is some chilled white wine…next time

But we make up for that when we get home, enjoying a nice bottle of red, whilst chatting and watching trash TV  until the early hours!

As I go to bed I admire my new chair, sitting proudly in the corner of my bedroom.



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