Friday 22 Sept 2017: Newlands Corner

I have arranged to meet Jenny Linn Cole, another lady rider who blogs, at Newlands Corner today. We are both also members of the Facebook group Motorbike Women, so as it’s such a beautiful day I also post up a general invite, and message Christine, a biking friend, just in case she has today off.

My wiggly route over:

There are about half a dozen bikes there when I arrive, but quite a few more by the time we leave.

Motorbike Women:

L to R Jenny, Christine, me

Jenny has brought her Round Britain Rumble photos and her sketchbook to show us. I love her sketches.

Paul, Christine’s brother has bravely come to join us too,

He very kindly buys us all a hot drink, whilst we sit and natter.

When a nasty big black cloud obscures the sunshine we decide that maybe that’s our cue to leave.

This rider obviously has a good sense of humour ” Not On”

Paul openly admits that he does like to try and fit a new box or bag wherever he can on his bike !

Christine getting ready for the off .

If you want to see Jenny on her bike, please take a look at her blog Round Britain Rumble as unfortunately the photo I took didn’t come out.

My Garmin Zumo took me home the curvy way, down lots of little wiggly wooded lanes.

On a day like to day, being out of work has its compensations!

#life is good


Saturday 2 Sept

The sun is shining, its my last full day, so I decide to make the most of it and head to the beach.

Im going to try somewhere new Plage de le Mine d’Or which is near Penestin.

I take the curvy route down, sharing it part of the way with a cycling event.

I arrive at Pensestin at lunch time, the restaurants in the centre are very busy but I spot one on the edge of town which had free tables.

I park up, a little too close to the pot plants for the owners liking!

The Moules Frites are delicious.

After lunch I ride to the beach.

The carpark is quite small for what is meant to be a popular beach.

As I walk down the concrete slope to the sea it looks like it is high tide and that there will be no beach to sit on, but how wrong am I?

What a gorgeous beach.

With the added interest of paragliders flying above.

I sit myself down for a bit of sunbathing. An old lady coming back from a swim is very interested in my blow up wedge

The beach is huge, and fairly empty so why does this family have to set up just 6ft from me?

The sea is lovely. A few odd stones on the seaedge but otherwise sandy.

I stay on the beach for a good few hours listening to downloaded Radio 4 dramas on my headphones.

Time to head back, as I still need to pack as its an early start tomorrow.

I take a more direct route back via Questermbert- still an enjoyable ride. I have to keep an eye on my speed as its so easy to end up riding much too fast.

I am feeling super chilled after my afternoon on the beach – a fab way to end my holiday.

Friday 1st Sept

Paul and Tracey start their journey home today. They are staying in Caen tonight before catching the tunnel tomorrow.

The statutory photo outside my #littlefrenchhouse.

After a quick stop at SuperU to change some clothes that Tracey bought yesterday but which don’t fit, we ride to Ploermel for lunch.

Tilty head melon smiles.

Tracey tries the Breton speciality pancake – a Gallette for main.

Once again the heavens open halfway through lunch, but this time we are ushered indoors to a basement room, as the canopy is broken and doesn’t extend properly.

For pudding I introduce Tracey to the joy that is Cafe Gourmand.

An expresso coffee and 3 little puddings – in this case pink blamange, fruit salad and creme brulee.

Its then time sadly to say Au Revoir, as they head off.

I ride to the Lac du Duc to walk round the Hortensias, but it starts to rain, so decide against it.

Once I’m back on the bike the rain stops, so I ride over to Mototaranis, as I may not have time tomorrow and they needed me to countersign some bank documentation.

Whilst chatting over a cuppa it starts to rain heavily again, so when it stops I quickly ride home to avoid getting drenched.

I had washed the sheets this morning, but because of the downpours they hadn’t totally dried, so it’s on with the large heated towel rail in the bathroom to try and air them properly.