2 March Barcelona

We start the day with a coffee and a ham and cheese croissant in a local cafe.

Then it’s down to the Metro where we buy a T10 ticket- which appears to be the cheapest way to get round, as its valid for multi persons and 10 journeys.

Our first stop is Sagrada Familia, but the next timed ticket isn’t valid until another 1.5 hours, so we decide to book online and come back tomorrow. Top Tip: Do what the guidebooks suggest and book online. You don’t need to print the tickets out and can show them in your phone.

So we hop back on the Metro and head out to Park Guell.

Our route brings us inform the North if the park, which turns out to be a bit if a result as only one small hill, with the rest if the route downhill.

We also have amazing views across the city. The building in the middle is the Sagrada Familia.

Much of the park is free entry, but if you want to see the famous buildings and mosaic you have to pay.

The queue is quite long, as we get nearer to the front we realise it is cheaper to book online which we do…but The tickets do not come through on my phone.. Grr.

Luckily I screen printed my order and the man on the ticket desk is really helpful and print of our tickets, which are valid from 2pm.

He also recommends somewhere close to eat Bar Terra Mia, where we sit outside in the terrace and enjoy this platter of meat and cheese washed down with a jug of red wine.

After lunch it’s our timed entry to the Park and the Centre Monumental.

What can I say…Mosaics, Curves and lits of Japanese tourists

One of the “gingerbread” houses.

Ceiling mosaic.

The undulating curved seating areas are fab.

The famous dragon- much smaller than I imagined.

Blue ceiling

View from one of the gingerbread houses

We leave the park and catch a very busy no 24 bus back into the city. It’s not until some locals get on the bus afterwards us that I realise that wr should have validated the tickets…oops next time.

I realise that the bus stops near one of the Gaudi’s houses that I’d like to visit Cassa Batllo so we jump off the bus.

Once again we buy the tickets online, as its 4.50 euros cheaper.

Wow! What a wonderful house. Like Renée Mackintosh, Gaudi’ designed everything in the house- door handles, ballastrades, even a font for the floor numbers as well as the building itself.

The tickets are quite expensive at 24.50 euros but include an audio visual guide which is very detailed in the information given, with the mobile phone type handset showing you what the house looked like in its day as well as some rather silly references to battle like these turtles.

The house interior:

The rooftop is stunning.

I loved this place, my favourite visit so far.

We walk back to Place Catatalunya, where I spot another one of those yellow ribbons high up on a statue!

Then it’s time for a sit down and a coffee and donut, before heading back to the apartment.


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