Saturday 27 May: Day 4: More stripping!

I had a restless night as it rained heavily in the night, so I don’t hear when Sara leaves early to go to Vannes market.

When I do eventually wake up, it’s straight to work with the gel.

The instructions say leave on for 5 mins to remove 3 layers of paint.

Hmm, I try this to start with but have to revert to leaving it for 30 minutes.

I hate to think how many layers are on here!

But I get there eventually! 

I’m not sure what I should do about the Silicon though so post a question on Facebook.

I get conflicting opinions, some say take it off, others say leave. So confusing!

My friend Jo advises that I should use Primer even though the paint I have says it’s not needed. 

So it’s a trip into Ploermel. 

In Weldom, I buy more stripper,  silicon gel and primer.  This is costing me a fortune.

I also remember to get a set of keys cut for Sara. Our front door one costs a ridiculous €25 as it’s a special one. 

I buy a few more foodie bits in L’Eclerc, including just two eggs. They are local ones that cost 33c each.

Back to the house, and say goodbye to Sara who is heading home now. 

Whilst I’m going to head to the beach at Pointe du Bil again.

I park my bike and the Gendarmes turn up…luckily they aren’t after me!

When I get back home it’s still light, so I decide to crack on with some more stripping, this time on my bedroom window 

Friday 26 May: Day 4: Stripping( of the DIY type

I’m awake early this morning, but after a coffee in bed I fall back asleep till gone 9am. 

What a lazybones!

Especially when Sara was up and out to go and find a pitch at a market about 40 minutes away.

Once I’m up, I throw on some old clothes and start my chores: firstly putting up the new washing line and secondly stripping the paint from the patio doors.

Here’s a couple of Before pictures.

As you can see in some places the paint has already peeled off, but in others it’s solid.

I hadn’t realised it was going to be such hardwork!

Here’s my stripper outfit!

Hair tied back and glasses to stop the paint chips.

After a whole morning of scraping, it doesn’t feel like I’ve achieved much.

After lunch I take half an hour rest in the shade on my lounger. 
Here’s the view, three ways:

Late afternoon Sara and I head for the beach.

We stop off on the way to pick up some Gel Paint stripper.

We go to Plage Sainte Barbe, The write up says it is off the beaten track and family friendly It’s high tide and when we get there it is packed, and is more of a surfing than swimming beach.

So we decide to try another beach, further down the coast.

Theres quite a few to choose from, but the problem, even at this time of the day is parking.

It’s a lovely little sandy beach,  with just a hint of surf.

I will definitely be coming back here.

A reminder for future visits. Take the road to Quiberon but turn off at this sign 

We stay at the beach for a couple of hours, then drive home, stopping on the way to pick up a Burger King!  

Saturday 4 March

As is often the case I start my ride today not really knowing where I’m going to ride to/

I head out on the A262 to Tunbridge Wells and continue on this road all the way to Tenterden.

I stop on the way to take a photo of the penny farthing at Sissinghurst. This was originally erected for the Tour de France which travelled through the village on 8th July 2007.

Just before Tenterden I turn right onto the Appledore Road ( an old favourite).

After Appledore I follow the road left which winds its way to Brenzett, where I stop to take the photo below.

A little bit of research when I get home on the sign , and I find out that Brenzett, has a small  Aeornautical museum, which I may try and find next time I’m down this way at the weekend .  It was also the site of a RAF  Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) airfield during the  Second world War ,at one time operating North American Mustangs IIIs. 

a fast blast along the straight A259, before turning right past Lydd airpost,  through Lydd itself, coming out on to the joyful Jury’s Gap- a whole series of nice fast curves, and at this time of year no tourist traffic to get in the way. ;o)

I decide to stop an take a walk on the beach at Camber. The tide is high, so no sand today just pebbles.

Here’s me, Helmet Hair with a touch of Seaside Wind!

A short stroll to beachocomb but  not much to see, only some seaweed …

and a cute smiley stone

Off again, through Rye, then along the A259 to Hastings, where I stop off to buy some cockles and anchovies for tea tonight.

Then onwards to Sovereign Harbour for a cup of tea and a natter at my friends’ Jo and Simons flat.

The weather report for today had been showers but I have been really lucky until five minutes from home when it does start to rain.

My route for the day.

Home! and I’m ready to enjoy my cockles with a glass of bubbles!

Tuesday 13 Sept 2016 Bexhill

Its forecast to be the hottest September day on record today, so seems rude not to go for a ride.

I decide to take my top box off the bike as I wont be needing any waterproof gear today.

Before I leave I add stickers for the two lady rider Facebook groups I belong to onto the front of my windscreen

I start off the ride not really knowing where I’m going to ride to-all I know is it will be the seaside!.

I head out towards Eastbourne, but then decide to go via Herstmonceaux. Then a last minute decision to turn right down Wartling road, which turns out after a while to be a very nice little biking road( despite a couple of large potholes) brings me out onto the A259 and the Pevensey roundabout

But rather than go to Pevensey I  decide to take the turning before signposted to Normans Bay, as I’ve never gone down that road before.

There’s quite a few people on the beach, even though the kids are now back at school.

I ride onto Bexhill and decide to park and  take a wander round the many charity and junk shops-it a great place to go if you are looking for a bargain!

Just Love it  has Retro Vintage 60/70 furniture and houseware

Starlings had some lovely stuff, all made by local artists. I was tempted by a beautiful, but expensive, silver bangle but managed to resist, so treated myself to this funky purple perspex keyring for £4, which goes so well with my blingy sequinned bag.

By the time I’d been round the shops it was too late for lunch, so instead I bought a delicious pistachio and salt caramel ice cream cone, which I had to eat very quickly as it was melting in the heat.

I took a  wander down onto the sea front, where I could have had a nice cuppa tea, but it was a little too soon after my ice cream cone.

King George V Colonnade,

There’s a couple of lovely little shops here too.

One called Unit4Plus 2 ( find them on Facebook)  had some great stuff.

Including this fab lamp made by Chrome Pig, which I was VERY tempted by, but once again managed to resist. ( But I may be back!)

I opt for the faster route back, up the Polegate by pass and A22.

By the time I get home I’m starving, so quickly put a Shephersd Pie in the oven, which I enjoy in my new-look  garden with some bubbles, catching the last of the sunshine.

I have to admit, on days like today, its lovely not working, but the job hunting will start again tomorrow.