Tuesday 29 August

After a nice, slow relaxed start to the day we leave the house about 11 to take a curvy route to Port Foleaux for lunch by the river.

Non- alcoholic beer is a welcome accompaniment.

It is turning into a very hot day…32 degrees,so it is a welcome ride to feel the breeze to Rochefort-en-Terre.

I manage to spot a couple of quirky items, I’m sure I haven’t seen before, or maybe I’ve just forgotten that I have!

This is only about two inches high and is to hold open wooden window shutters.

Little and large!

Large sporting the “its too hot to walk round in biking trouser” look

We have a nice wander round, and as it is so hot enjoy an ice cream.

I have a minor panic as we near where the bikes are parked, as there is a lorry that looks like it is offloading roadwork material OVER our bikes… but phew it’s just the angle we are looking from.

We ride home via Maelstroit and pass these workman covering the bottom of this lovely white wall with plastic, so it won’t be marked by the tarnac pavement they are laying.

These shots of me, are stills taken from Paul’s helmet cam.

This bit of road is just before getting back to Caro.

It always makes me smile when you can see the totally clear road and know you can really go for it 😈

Such a fun bit of road- short but sweet

Back at my #little frenchhouse

and our Tigers safely parked up in the garage.

After dinner we get to meet

Paul’s new french girlfriend


Friday 25 August

Today I’m going to visit L’art de les Chapelles

But first lunch in St Nicolas d’eau.

There is a beautiful new piece of art work on the riverside

Vénus de Castennec

Rather than go to my usual Gallette restaurant here I decide to try a different place at the far end of the village

The staff are lovely, but I find the food disappointing and overpriced, and I dont understand why the fixed price menus are not available when they are displayed on the wall. I wont be eating here again.

Before starting the Chapel trail, I ride to the other side of the river to investigate the statues there.

Luckily for me the guy in at the info point for the trails speaks very good English, and is very helpful. He suggests I can do some of the yellow and all of the green trail- there are four in total. That way I get to see all the art installations that I like the look of.

I do like the look of the older road signs with their Breton blue surrounds.

Chapelle Notre Dame Des Fleurs, which dates back to the 15th century

Au- Delà du Violet: Beyond Violet

Violet coloured blown glass representing invisible wavelengths.

Seen here with reflections from the Chapel itself

Le Gohaze- 15th century

Betrand Rigaux

A handwritten poem relating to the possibility of an event, ordinary or extraordinary occuring.

With a measuring jug engraved with a space-time diagram containing a peony frozen inside a preserving liquid

In Sainte Trephine a chapel dedicated to a young woman who was decapitated in the 6th century by her husband the tyrant Conomor- the story is told in the 8 ceiling medallions.

Henri Jacobs- Mise en Abyme

The geometric shapes, evoke the oassing of time and echo the ceiling medallions. The model of the chapel pursues the dialogue with the paintings.

In addition the gaps in the stone floor have been filled with silver and gold glitter.

Chapelke ND Moustoir

Akain Fleisher les Paroissens

Photos of villagers from Malguenac, past and present, are reflected by mirrors held by the visitors – in effect they are waiting fir the artival of the visitor.

Chapelle Saint Meldeoc

Erwin Ballan La Defaite

A chariot transporting abstract shapes is under attack by indians with a “cubo-futurist Yankee in the middle.

The arrows paroding the chapel art in a humorous fashion.

Chapelle Saint Jean, Le Sourn, rebuilt in 1892

Last but not least, in fact my favourite.

Polly Apfelbaum Life is not black and white.

A series of suspended ceramic shapes, symbolising notes. Seven shapes stand for the seven notes of a scale.

This notation system dates back to the same period as the chapel.


Click here to see a short video of what

they sound like

Thursday 24 August

I’m definitely getting into the holiday time mode now: late nights and late mornings!

I’m lazing about in bed catching up with writing my blog over a cup of coffee when theres a rat-a-tat-tat on my front door. Quickly pulling on my dressing gown I answer – its Martin & Jennifer popping round to say Hello, obviously expecting me to be up as its 11 am! Oops!

After they’ve gone, after a quick chat on the doorstep, I get dressed and do my chores…another coat of primer on the front windows.

In the afternoon I ride out to Rochefort-en-Terre.

I take a slow, leisurely walk through the cobbled town centre, stopping to browse in the many gift and artisan shops- some new ones to visit, but many have been here for a few years.

Always great flower displays here, as in many of the Breton towns.

Look up as you walk round, you never know what you will spot.

One of the new shops sells these rather gorgeous trendy wellie boots, but at 90 euros they are a little pricey.

The basket and bag shop has gone to be replaced with umbrellas.

One of my favourite artists is still here. This lady makes the most amazing sculptures out of wire- skulls, keys, birds so many different items all made so beautifully and crafted using the minimum number of lines possible.

I have a piece of her art- a pair of shoes – that I bought the first year she was here.

The Pelican Hotel

More stonework, this time used as a flower pot shelf

My favourite of the day, a happy face, with a rather knowing smile.

On my way home I detour to have a cuppa with Ken and Lesley at Mototaranis.

The road from Maelstroit to Reminiac is such a joy to ride.

They are waiting for new guests to arrive. These are regulars- as are many of their guests- this is their second visit this year.

Back home and its back to my chores, putting the first coat of gloss on the windows.

Friends, Paul & Tracey are coming to stay for a few days on Monday so I need to have the painting complete by then and it needs a full 24 hours between each coat – its gard work being on holiday!

Wednesday 23 August

My late night stargazing meant I didn’t wake until late this morning.

I decided that I ought to do my chores and start painting the front windows, otherwise before I know it it’ll be time to go home and they won’t be done.

Its up in the high 20s so time to hit the beach.

This is another one that my friend Sara and I went to earlier in the year ( but not the nudist one).

It’s much busier this time of the year and the fields at the back of the beach are all now offering paid parking, but I manage to squeeze the bike in at the side of the road.

Happiness is…

…riding your motorbike to the beach.

I have a swim, then lay sunbathing and reading a Harlan Coben book, The Stranger, for an hour or so.

Then its time to head home.

I decide to go the scenic route.

Through Auray, then to St Anne d’Auray, the most important pilgrimage site in France after Lourdes.

Then I criss cross country roads. The setting sun lighting up the cornfields.

I reach the village of Plaudren.

I smile.


Well, this little squirrel marks the start of a little bit of country road that I just love. The D133 to Tredion, past the cross for St Bily, or Billy as I call it.

I can’t explain what it is about this short stretch of road.

Most would probably ride it and think nothing of it.

But I love it.

Saturday 19 August Vannes

Saturday is market day in Vannes and it is heaving with people.

But it all seems to be the same old stalls selling the same old stuff.

There are a few new shops round near the Cathedral including a jewellers dufresne. A simple bangle in the window catches my eye…I just can’t resist going in.

The jeweller promises me the clasp will not come undone. I say that is good as I’m always losing jewellery. I try on about 4 of the bangles before getting the correct size- sold! Well that’s half my tax refund spent :0)

I ask if he is OK for me to take photos- of course he says. I explain that I write a blog of my trips.

So if you are ever in Vannes please do visit him and say bikerbunny sent you!

I am always fascinated by a craftsman’s tools. The bangle he is working on had taken 4 hours so far. He says it is in his heart to do this work.

It is now past twelve. I need to find somewhere to eat before the tables start to get full and the restauranters do not want to give up a table to une personne.

I decide to try somewhere new.

Not my usual style, as its all bio and healthy, but it is also chocolate!

The healthy, slightly unusual, goats cheese salad…

Followed by a less than healthy chocolate brownie.

I feel really sorry for the mother of this rather naughty little girl, sitting on the table next to me. She makes a real fuss over not just her main course but her chocolate pudding too. I have to laugh when she refuses to give the extremely yummy caramel sauce a try, raising my eyes in solidarity with the poor mum.

After lunch a walk in the Jardins du Ramparts. As usual there is a stunning display of flowers

I do have to have a little giggle to myself at this couple who have brought their own picnic table. Although I guess its a step up from sitting in the carpark like Brits so often do.

Stunning colours.

Unsuspecting tourists do not seem to have noticed the giant spiders web….watch out!

After my walk its back on the bike and a short ride to Sene, to the large charity warehouse Emmaus.

They have cleared so much stuff since Sara and I were here in June.

This time I also go in the clothes and haberdashery store.

I really wish I sewed or did crafting, some of the stuff is gorgeous and so cheap. Old buttons, linens and all this lovely thick crocheted lacework trimmings.

But I leave empty handed.

Next stop it’s the beach: Pointe du Bill.

I haven’t planned this perfectly as have to change in the car park trying to use my bike to hide my bits! Not that easy, but better here than in full view on the beach!

I’m not sure what it is about this spot, maybe it gas great acoustics, but theres a random man playing the sax, right next to the car park… Weird!

I may not be fully prepared with my cossie, but I am with my new beach shoes…the stones and seaweed won’t bother me now.

There are quote a few windsurfers out on the sea, as it’s pretty windy.

After my swim, I sunbathe for a while, before heading back to Caro, following a curvy route that takes me a new way home.

This shrine catches my eye.

It’s been an enjoyable day #lifeisgood

Friday 18 August

Today I ride to La Gacilly. This place never fails to live up to my expectations and today is no different.

I normally park at the bottom of the town, but the space has been turned into a temporary play area and I don’t like to park directly in front of one of the largest photos as, however lovely I think my bike is, it would spoil a photo opportunity.

But I find a new spot at the top of the town, with my own photo opportunity!

The two main attractions of this little town are the craftspeople and the photo exhibition.

Today I start with the craftspeople.

This lovely lady paints and makes ceramic jewelry.

In my best franglais I manage to have a chat to her. She is individually painting pumpkins on small porcelain bowls, a couple of thousand of them!

All for a Soup Festival held here on Sunday 26 November.

Have to admit I am VERY tempted to come over especially for it.

Next was an artist making paper, stencilled cards, swirly patterns.

I love the inspiration boards and the shelves full of ink.

Just gorgeous.

Then there’s L’Atelier 1100, making funky artworks out of junk.

Its time for lunch. I manage to get a table at another favourite place La Mauvaise Graine.

Two older ladies next to me are eating are rather scrummy looking gallette, I guess its the suggestion of the day and order one.

It is delicious and very filling…

…but it would be rude not to have a crepe for desert…caramel every time, and this one us swimming in it!

Holiday calories don’t count do they?

After that lunch, time for a walk round the photo exhibition area in the vegetarium.

The Photo Exhibition has been going for 14 years- the same length of time we have had the house. It grows in size every year.

My favourite photos always seem to be the ones which decorate this building.

Thursday 17 August

Thursday means Market day in Maelstroit.

A selection of the goodies for sale :

I go to use the free wifi in the Tourist Office, but it has moved from its lovely big space down this little street back to the smaller shop in the town centre.

I have lunch in La Griotte, which is right next door to the market.

As I’m there just after noon I have my choice of tables, and choose a high bar type table next to an open window so I can people watch- for me this is key to eating solo in a restaurant, having something to look at.

I opt for the menu of the day…a good choice!

A quiche type tart to start, followed by a large gammon/bacon steak served in a light mustardy sauce. I’m not a big lover of mustard but this is just right, creamy and not overpowering.

And who can’t resist a creme brulee to finish!

After that its back to the house for a spot of sunbathing in the garden.