Tuesday 19 July Villach to Cortina

I’m awake early,  having not slept very well.

I pack up all my stuff so that I can vacate my room later, but it’s not easy as I don’t know yet if I will be riding today or how long I am going to have to hang around. So I try to cover all bases by making my blue bag into a day bag with everything I might need, excluding actual bike gear.

I have had to give myself a good talking to, and to stop being so negative about this whole affair. Lets face it, I’m on holiday, not working and the sun is shining. Yes, I am missing out on riding days, but that’s it. I’m not hurt or injured, no-one has died,  so I’m going to try very hard to enjoy any further downtime today by reading,  catching up on podcasts or writing up my blog.

Time 10.38am Not really a suprise that I haven’t received the promised call from RAC, but disappointing nevertheless. 

So once again I phone them. I’m do glad my EE minutes are now valid in Europe otherwise I would have spent a small fortune on calls.

I speak to Guy, the first person on the RAC European team who sounds like he is English. I explain the situation again.( I’m not going to repeat it all here,  I’m sure you are as bored as I was of the constant need for repetition) And that I did not get a call this morning as promised.

He says he will look into it and call me back in half an hour, as he has other calls to make.

My checkout time is 11am, and because they are fully booked today they can’t extend it.

So I load up a porters trolley with my gear and put it in the hotel luggage room. 

Then I decide to go and have a coffee in the sunshine on the hotels terrace. What a beautiful view.

At 11.21 Guy calls me back, it’s great news my bike is mended.  He doesn’t know what the problem is, which once again seems strange as I thought I was meant to authorise work, but it is definitely ready for collection.

I ask if he can arrange to email me over a copy of the diagnosis when they receive it, at least that way I have it. Abd he does a little later 

I order a cab and head off to Mottorad Klinik. And there’s my bike outside,  I’m the happiest I’ve been in 3 days!

I’m not so happy when I hear I could have picked my bike up yesterday, nor that it was not dropped off until noon on Monday, and not 9am as promised. They were all ready to look at it, as I had sent them an email on Saturday evening. with the possible problem, that fellow Triumph riders had suggested

It has turned out to be a mapping problem with the Cam Shaft pick up.

So 72 hours after breaking down I’m ready for the off.

I’m headed for Cortina in the Dolomites. I take a quick look at Booking.com for a hotel and the  Franceschi Park Hotel where Sue stayed recently has a good deal on for tonight, so I book it.

At last on the road, I’m happy and who wouldn’t be with such glorious scenery.

I head West along 111. To start with this is a busy road, and I get stuck behind lorrys with no overtaking. 

But at Kotschach the road changes, into much smaller, at times lane like roads, that twist and turn, up and down. This is definitely more like it!

I stop for lunch at Hergamor. Ordering what I think is cheese and ham on toast,  it is,  but three slices, with an egg on top and a massive salad!

Many of the churches along this road have been painted like this one.

Here’s a few more photos taken en-route.

Is it just me or do these haystacks look like hairy trolls?

At the end of the 111, it’s a left onto SS49, a busy road, and then at Dobbiaco Toblach a left onto SS51 and my first glimpse of The Dolomites. WOW!!

I arrive in Cortina, and I’m glad I have Sat Nov to take me to the hotel, as it madness, cars coming from all directions and it’s one big one-way system.

There’s a bike sized parking space right outside the hotel.

I check in and realise I’m exhausted and  don’t think I can face setting off again tomorrow.  So I head down to reception and luckily I can have my room for two nights,and at the same good rate, but they are full on Thursday.

I also don’t fancy sitting in a restaurant tonight so look on line for a Supermarket, damn they’ve just closed at 7.30pm. Never mind I’ll wander into town and.find a little shop or off licence…wrong! Not in Cortina, and.unlike at home the garages don’t stock groceries as well.

This is why the hotel is full tomorrow.

Bizarre sculpture outside an art gallery. 

Stunning mountains surround the town.

Back to the hotel, where I have to buy a bottle of water from the bar. I comment that I couldn’t find one to buy in town, is it the same in all of Italy? To be told, no just Cortina!

Bizarre to have a town that, like Villach,  gives you  free  WiFi. But nowhere to buy a bottle of water!

Luckily I still have wine and cheese, so sit on the balcony having a picnic, enjoying the view.