Thursday 25 May: Day 3: Erdeven

It’s a lazy lie-in sort of a morning, with a bit of pottering about thrown in for good measure. 

Our lunch is my standard #littlehouseinfrance fare: cheese, ham, curly lettuce, crisps, more cheese, rillette, spring onions, baguette with lashings of scrummy breton butter, oh and did I mention the cheese!

We head out for the beach about 3pm. We stop at the supermarket on the way as Sara needs sun cream and I’m able to buy a few bits I need for the house. 

The beach we are headed for is near Erdeven

The car park is very full and amazingly free- in UK you would be charged probably a tenner to park this close to the beach.

I spot these signs as we walk across the path to the dunes…

…but don’t really register what they are saying, until we actually get onto the beach.

Yes it’s a fully grown nudist beach!


Sara has been down this way before, but now quickly backtracks that the beach she thought we were on must be further down the coast.

Well, there’s no going back now,  so we head towards a spot between some others who are in their cossies! 

The pair of us are giggling like schoolgirls, wherever you look there are willies dangling about! And I feel SO overdressed!

As we sit there a stream of thoughts run through my head:

-I wonder what sun factor they use?

– Where the f*ck do I look?

– Why do I keep looking THERE?

– Wish I could stop giggling like a school girl

-Is it a coincidence that we watched Naked Attraction on Channel 4 last  night?

-Who knew there were SO many variations? 

Should I just go with the flow and join in?
In the end the only thing to do is to get in the sea and swim!

The sea has a small swell as the waves break onto the beach, but unlike yesterday it is a sandy underfoot as we go into the water. It is also colder, but once in just as nice.

How blue is that sky?

In the end we spend about 3 hours at the beach.

I contemplate joining in with the nudity, but just can’t bring myself to do it.

But as a compromise,  and another first, once safely in the water I take off my cossie and swim naked. ( I do put it back on before getting out)

We hadn’t planned to eat out, but the blackboard outside this restaurant Galileo, advertising  “Sardines Grille” tempts us in.

And I’m so glad it did. The place is like the Tardis, a front room area, spreads out to a light and airy terrace room and outdoor terrace.

The sardines are delicious,  and Sara’s goats cheese salad is huge.

We finish up with a Cafe Gourmand, ordered in honour of our friend Helen, and a firm favourite when eating out. Why wouldn’t it be? 3 little puds and an expresso… perfect.

It finishes off our day nicely. 

And what a day…we will be laughing about this for days to come! 

And two more firsts:

~first nudist beach, ever! 

~first naked swim in the sea

I wonder if this holiday has any more suprises left.