Monday 26 Dec 2016 – Farningham

It’s Boxing Day…the sun is shining… and I don’t have a hangover ( long story) so aperfect conditions  for a ride out to the  Pied Bull, Farlingham  where every year a Vintage Motor Cycle Meet is held-lots of riders take this chance to escape the house at xmas so tits a chance to look at both new and old bikes.

I have had my Tiger for just over a year now, and look how she sparkles thanks to Clean Bike Clinic

I meet Clive at the Esso garage to fill up and check my tyre pressures before we head off .

Our route takes us through Edenbridge, up Ide Hill, then Otford and onto Farlingham.

I miss the turning into the High Street  but continue to come into the village from the far end, parking just outside the Lion Hotel, next to the river ( note to self-must come here in the summer for lunch as nice outside seated area next to the river!), but I have lost Clive who I think spotted the turn off!

The joys of modern science and mobile phones means I can arrange to meet Clive and Simon ( a fellow Tiger rider who I thought wasnt going to make it over as he was running late,  but who calls me having beaten us here)  outside the Pied Bull

My first and last visit to this event was eight year ago when I remember there being lots more bikes, but even so the High Street is lined with people and bikes of all ages.

Here are some photos of some of the more interesting classic bikes that are parked up on my walk up the hill.

This Triumph has nabbed the prime parking space right outside the pub!

This guy is just leaving as I arrive.

Even Santa comes to take a look at the bikes…you’d expect him to be resting !

As I go to look at the really old bikes parked in the pub car park someone grabs my arm, it’s Ivor!. I don’t see him for years and then bump into him twice in the space of a few months. We stand and chat for a while and agree to meet up soon, swapping mobile numbers so I can text him about Sunday Beer Club…always a good chance to meet up with biking friends.

Ivor looking serious

Love the instructions on this old Harley.


A selection of classic bikes

I am so busy taking photos of the gorgeous bikes I forget to take a selfie of myself, Clive and Simon…will have to wait another year now!

But here’s one of Clive, captured on our way back home.

We took the Long Way Home, continuing along the Hartfield Road to return along the A264-both really nice biking roads to finish off a lovely few hours out on the bike.